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Holistic Nutrition


Crystal therapy

Light Therapy

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Welcome on my website, Aki Ikwe means Mother Earth in Algonquin language. 

 New space, new address, call today to book your appointment

in a serene and professional atmosphere  


Institut Lynda Rondeau, downstairs

24 Montclair Boulevard, in Gatineau

 ​I believe that your health, well-being & comfort are of the highest importance.  I am committed to meeting these needs

by offering personalized care and services in a peaceful, friendly & professional atmosphere.

I work at all levels because the importance of being mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy is paramount

if you want to enjoy good physical health.

My techniques focus on healing the body, soul and spirit to optimize your overall health and well-being.

healthy recipes

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recettes salades et vinaigrettes

salad and salad dressing

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