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Flowers of Bach

I am offering a new service, I just completed my level 2 exam in flower essences, I will continue to the 3rd level in a few months and become an accredited counsellor in Bach Flowers. But for now, I am a certified counsellor in Flower of Bach .


This is one of my old passion, several years ago, I saw an iridologist and he prescribed me a bottle of Bach remedy, the benefits I felt were almost instantaneous.


A few years later, I made several calls and tried to find a school but nothing was available in my area, and then, given the situation that we are experiencing at the moment, (there is always a positive side to everything) several schools had to revise their teaching method and I have found a complete course approved by the Association of Professional Naturopaths of Quebec.


Who is Dr. Edward Bach (ref 1)


Dr. Bach (1886-1936) was a surgeon, pathologist, immunologist and bacteriologist. During his career, the acquired of homeopathy triggered a new desire to his work as a microbiologist. He was a sensitive, an idealist, a mystic, qualities which, in him, were in no way opposed to the overachiever, to the man of science, but fortunately complemented him.


He has dedicated his life to the search for "real" medicine. He accused medicine of focusing on the disease and neglecting the personality of the patient, applying to all those who suffered from the same disease the same treatment, which could succeed for one and be ineffective for the other.

Success itself was unreal if it consisted only of suppressing the symptoms; the disease would manifest itself again in one form or another.


His method was based on the fundamental idea that the cause of our health problems is often psychosomatic and that a personality trait, a negative temperament, a mood, often turns out to be the real cause. The remedies he has developed are aimed at restoring our physical and mental balance.


There would be so much to say about this man but his intuition and his sensitivity were so developed, that he, according to his biographer (ref 2), felt the vibrations and power emitted by such a plant that he proposed to test and reacted instantly. All he had to do was lay a flower, a petal on the palm of his hand or on his tongue to experience in his body the effect of the properties of this flower. He discovered 38 natural remedies corresponding to 38 common negative states of mind in humans, both the root causes of the disease and the obstacle to the recovery of health.


For Dr. Bach, it's all about harmony between our body, mind and soul, which gives meaning to what we do, to who we are.


It is through this listening to our soul, through this rebalancing of our emotions, that we will maintain ourselves in health, which is for him, the normal condition of the human being.


Respect for nature was fundamental to him, respect for others, (men or animals) of their soul, his own evolution and his mission of life, are principles that we must have in mind when we use these remedies.


In all simplicity


He died poor, he left the house that still bears his name today and where his methods of flower treatment continue to be applied. We still use 38 flowers because he asked not to add any. He also wanted it to be accessible to all, no science is necessary, no knowledge, apart from the instructions of Dr. Bach. The work of Dr. Edward Bach remains extremely alive today!


Bach flowers remedies


Following his research, observations and experience, he listed people in 7 groups and divided the 38 remedies.


Behind every disease are hidden our fears, our anxieties, our desires and our repulsions. Since the beginning of time, we have known that our Mother Earth offers us the power to prevent and cure diseases using plants, trees and flowers.


He also collected 5 specific remedies, taken from among the 38 flowers, to formulate an emergency compound to which he gave the name Rescue Remedy which is well known today.


Bach's flowers are safe, free of addiction or overdose, with no side effects. They cannot harm anyone or generate a negative state when we are in balance. Just like biochemical salts, there are no restrictions!


It is customary to give the flowers for a period of 21 days followed by a one-week break, to allow you to see if you feel stable in your state of balance, but you can also simply take them until the end of the bottle.


You can take the remedies during the day in your Water bottle, during meals, in herbal tea or coffee, integrate them into baby bottles or pureed food, or put them in your pet's food bowl, or in its water. Yes, animals can also benefit!


You want to know more, you want a session in Bach's flower remedy, contact me for an appointment.


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   2. Nora Weeks, The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician.


I always have the original remedy of the Flower of Bach and the Biofloral Flower of Bach in stock at the clinic


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