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About me

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  • Autonomous Anishinabe, I am a great-grandmother, a grandmother and a mother, and a medicine woman from many generations.  I am a self-motivated and enthusiastic holistic nutritionist with a positive attitude. I have extensive experience in establishing and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and respect with clients and colleagues in the health and wellness industry.

  • In 1992 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a short while later with osteoporosis and acute arthritis. In 1993 I began my healing journey and I chose meditation and education over medication.

Related Education


  • 1995 certification program in aromatherapy

  • 2000 certification program in spiritual wellness education (personal growth teacher)

  • 2013 Advance crystal healing certification program (acupuncture without needle)

  • 2019 Certified Nutritional Practitioner, graduated with high honour at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition

  • 2020 Certified Iridologist, certification course through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

  • 2021 Flowers of Bach

Continuing Education

  • Blood sugar management and Herbal Medicine

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

  • Herbal Cold Care: Natural remedies for cold and flu season

  • Biochemical salts 

  • Bone health


  • Reiki, holistic kinesiology, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, Light Therapy System,

  • Certified Aromatouch technique Practitioner (clinical approach to the application of essential oils that brings you into a state of complete homeostasis).

  • Lacto-fermentation course

Clinical experience

  • Nutritional assessment and development of holistic programs focused on nutrition and lifestyle

  • In-depth education in nutrition & experience in stress and pain management

  • Ability to process and work with sensitive and confidential information

  • Build and maintain positive relationships and communications with staff and clients

  • Guide customers and their families toward healthy eating and lifestyle choices

  • Provide appropriate educational materials and community resources to clients.

  • Educate clients about healthy food choices, food-label reading, and food composition.

  • Supporting clients on food-related issues and preventing nutrition concerns

  • Creating and publishing articles on health and wellness

  • Organize and facilitate holistic cooking classes, community activities and medicinal walks.



  • Strong customer relationship and exceptional communication skills

  • In-depth knowledge of traditional herbal medicine

  • Broad understanding of aromatherapy practice

  • Passionate about holistic nutrition

to get to know me culturally and spiritually come and visit me here

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