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A way to establish a health check through the iris

On June 16, 2020 I did my final iridology exam, I succeeded with 90%. I am very proud of this. So, I'm officially a certified iridologist.  I studied iridology according to the European constitution iridology, the American iridology method (Dr. Bernard Jensen,) Rayid Iris analysis (personality and relationships) and sclerology.


What does all this mean?   What is iridology?  I hope I can answer these questions, but if you want to know more, you can always contact me.


When I took my holistic nutrition course, one of my goals was to study iridology, I was fascinated by it.  I saw an iridologist several years ago and I could not believe my ears, I was very impressed by all the information I received during this appointment.


I had to complete nutrition and then take iridology and that's exactly what I did.  Iridology is an addition to other modalities of holistic medicine and used by naturopaths.  It is necessary to know physiology, anatomy, pathology, the human body to practice iridology and sclerology.


Hippocrates: "Such are your eyes such is your body"  


The eyes are the mirror of the soul... several ancient civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Egypt, Chaldeans knew very well the relationship between the eye and health.


Each of us is equipped with a miniature recording screen that can gauge the status of our health – the iris, via the direct connection of the surface layers of the iris with the cervical ganglion of the sympathetic nervous system, impressions from all over the body are conveyed to the iris. This connection is called neuro-optic reflex.

Neuro pertains to a nerve or nervous tissue.  Optic pertains to the eyes or sight.  Reflex is an involuntary response to a stimulus.  Reflexes depend upon an intact neural pathway between points of stimulation and the responding organ.

The iris reveals the characteristics of the body tissue, the presence of acids, catarrh and anaemias.  The condition of the autonomic and central (brain and spine) nervous systems in relationship to the organs may be determined. Iris analysis also reveals the hyper or hypo functioning of the endocrine glandular systems.

Iridology, as the study and analysis of the neuro-optic reflex, is the art and science of revealing the pathological, structural, functional and emotional disturbances in the human body.


Clients should leave an iris consultation having obtained an understanding of:

  • What physical factors contributes to their present complaints?

  • How past suppressions set up their current problems

  • What lifestyle and emotional factors have contributed to their current situation?

  • What areas need support or treatment to increase vitality or to regain balance?

  • How to maintain health and practice preventative medicine?


Iridology is a technique that will optimize your health based on pictures of both your eyes that I will take with a good camera which will allow me to decode your state of health a little more.

As naturopath, iridology is very efficient, it allows us to see the entire endocrine system, the nervous system and of course the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system.


Be vigilant:

Machines are now sold, that will do an analysis, but WARNING there are several people who claim to be iridologist and just use a machine that does the job, this machine can't detect everything and an iridologist will use a scope or/and a camera and will do the analysis himself and not a computer that will print a list of symptoms and anomalies. So, beware and make sure the person is certified.

Iridology training is very little supervised, especially in North America. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 practitioners, but less than 2% of them have received training from a recognized institution. Others may have taken a simple correspondence course, in the form of videos, DVDs, CDs, or a weekend of workshops or as mentioned above just bought a machine. Don't hesitate to ask your practitioner if she or he is certified and where was the course taken, you can ask for references. In Europe, iridology is better structured. It is taught in more general disciplines, such as naturopathy, 1 out of 5 iridologists would belong to the medical community.


The link between eyes and disease has always been found in ancient writings. From the texts of Hippocrates 2400 BC to the Old Testament that proclaimed "one cannot offer sacrifices to the eternal if one is sick or if one has spots in the eye", one thus finds that the eyes have been observed all the time.

It is fascinating to discover that most parts of the body are found in the eye, from the spine to the brain just as the body is found in the meridians with acupuncture, in the feet with reflexology, in the hands, ears and ++++.   Iridology is a complementary tool for detecting things that might otherwise have been missed. It is mainly used by naturopaths to better understand the client's energy activity as well as his physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual strengths and weaknesses.



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