What are the benefits of a session at Aki Ikwe Healing Center


My healing techniques reinstate the body natural equilibrium, when the body is in balance it can handle everyday stress much more efficiently. I provide healing for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual issues or simply for relaxation.  Energy healing could also help target specific conditions such as:

​Arthritis*** depression ***headache, migraine***immune disorder***insomnia***phobia***fibromyalgia***neck pain***painful menstrual cramps***dependence *** and much more 

​My healing techniques will:

​help ease physical & emotional pain ***assist in relieving stress & anxiety***restore balance***strengthen the immune system & build resistance to viruses*** help eliminate toxins***improve circulation***boost energy levels***improve sleep patterns.

​ If you aren't sure what type of healing session would be best for you, don't worry, once we have spoken we could discuss together what would be best for you at that time.  My goal is to use natural healing techniques to create a positive flow of energy in your energy field to enhance all those areas needing attention.  Healing workshops are conducted regularly at the center or in a city near you. 

​What to expect during your healing session​

Your initial visit: I always suggest that your first visit should be a complete health check: medical background, brief history, physical, emotional & spiritual concerns and an assessment of your energy field.  Collaborative goal setting ensures a guided treatment and a trusting and lasting relationship. Then we will have the healing session.

The healing session:  I will ask you to lie down on a massage table during most of the session.  You will remain fully clothed throughout, it is very important to dress comfortably. You may sense a flow of energies with feelings of warmth, tingling, coolness and/or relaxation.  It is not unusual that some people also experience some form of emotional release, these emotional phases can manifest as laughter or tears and it is quite normal.  Evacuating these emotions help with your healing.  On rare occasions, some people may experience resistance to the energy work.  It is important to acknowledge this, while understanding that it may be the last barrier that the subconscious is putting up to prevent natural healing from occurring.

​What to expect after your healing session

​Some people will immediately feel an improvement while others may gradually see the progress as the energetic changes start to integrate within their body's energy system. In the latter case, you may experience some unstable emotional states as the body's natural healing system process and clear "stuff" as a result of the energy balancing session.  Know that your body will release what needs to be cleared and you will be more aware of what you need to let go of. 

​Depending on each individual, some may feel as if a great weight has been lifted from their shoulder and will feel a burst of energy, or on the other hand you may feel very tired and sleepy.  Both are normal and are indications that the healing sessions are having a beneficial effect.

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