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Price List

I offer you peace, I offer you love, I offer you friendship.

I see your beauty, I hear your need, I feel your feelings.

My wisdom flows from the highest source, I salute that source in you.

Let us work together for unity and love.






60 min .........................................  $60.00

​Healing session


Essential oil application technique



Spécial St-Valentin $60.00

For a complete evaluation and follow-up, there is an initial visit to complete your health information, this includes a nutritional session.  

For the inital visit only there is a fee of 75$, may I suggest buy one of the packages for a complete healthy make over.



​Special  package 1

services included in this package

Initial visit

3 additional visits of healing sessions

1 nutritional & follow-up visit



Valentine's day special


​services included in this package:

​Initial visit
3 additional  healing sessions

1 aromatouch session
1 nutritional & follow-up visit



Valentine's day special


Special package 2

Every year I harvest clay in a  traditional way, it has been used in my family for many generations. Clay has many benefits, eliminating toxins is one of them.

I use this treatment for any kind of detox from chemotherapy treatment to drug, cigarette or alcool addiction.


Facial mask    $50.00

Toxin removal from    $75.00 to $150.00


for more information please contact me