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Spiritual cleansing of your environment

Your home is your sacred space and should be filled with positive, loving and peaceful energy!

Grief, sickness, disagreement, violence and anger are just some signs that accumulate negative energy within your home;

sometimes negative energies were already there before you purchased or moved into your home.

Are you experiencing a strange or negative energy around you? Do you sense heaviness in the air?

Do you have difficulties relaxing? Do you feel uncomfortable being in your home?

If you're simply not happy with the energy of your home or maybe you would just like to renew the energy,

then a good spiritual & energetic cleansing may be the solution. 

Sometimes when we are having trouble selling our house, it may just need a little spiritual cleansing.

Many people will tell you numerous ways to cleanse your home especially if they are trying to sell you something

(there are lots of gadgets out there). There is no need to spend lots of money on these gadgets,

sometimes the answer could be very simple

Send me an email and I could come visit you and see what you are dealing with and if you choose to go ahead

then I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and safe in your home.


An healthy & positive environment facilitate physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being.

There is a fee for the visit which will be credited if you choose to retain my services, these fees are payable in advance

and it depend where you are located, it is to cover gasoline expenses.

Send me an email for more information.





I offer inspirational (motivation) conferences as well as environmental talk such as planetary awareness

on Water  and/or the protection of our forests. I also give spiritual conferences on several topics.

Lunch hour conferences on nutrition and other healthy topics

​Being a seed keeper, I also give conferences in the spring and the fall on planting and seed keeping.

For any spiritual ceremony/opening/conference please contact me.

Please note that I only take my drum where there is no alcohol or drugs.


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