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8th New Moon, 2016-08-04

In February 2012 the controlling countries of the International Space Station were gathered in Quebec City to discuss future plans to develop outer space including the moon. While in attendance to protest and warn against their plans to develop and destroy our Grandmother Moon, two scientists from France and Germany actually laughed in our faces (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PSdouvy0N8) and vehemently denied any such plans existed, shrugging off our allegations as science fiction. Their denial, of course, was a lie, for current such programs of development are indeed happening meaning these things were planned out on an international scale far in advance of 2012.
In January 2016 the head of the European Space Agency announced plans to colonize the moon. China, Russia, the United States and other countries also have plans to colonize. On July 20, 2016 four levels of the United States government (FAA, The State Department, NASA and even their president Barack Obama) gave approval for a private corporation participating in a worldwide Google challenge to fly to and land on the moon (http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36970326). The political approval by the president of the United States ratifies and establishes as law the colonization – destruction process of our Grandmother Moon. This behaviour of colonization here on earth has caused a global ecological crisis and yet economic powers, not societies, are deciding to export this exact same fate to our Grandmother Moon.
The President of the United States and other levels of American government have acted unilaterally, violating basic laws of human, national and international relations. The subject of whether or not humans should colonize the moon with all the destruction it encompasses is not an issue to be decided by economic interests. Such behaviour goes directly against all protocols of international relations undermining human society’s ability to make decisions in their best interest. This issue of colonizing the moon is a human moral challenge upon all people of the earth in which all citizens of all countries must be engaged in dialogue to determine the human position on such an issue.
From September 22 to 30, 2016, NASA, the EU, the United Nations and others, will be gathering with over seventy countries to determine the colonization and industrialization of outer space and the Moon in Guadalajara, Mexico. Representatives of the Eagle and the Condor of the Mohawk and Mayan Traditional Councils will be converging there, along with local traditional people, to share the ancient knowledge of our Grandmother Moon and to bring warning that this marriage of government and industry to colonize and extract the Moon’s lifeforce undermines every nation’s political process of social representation leaving all people of the earth at the mercy of the economic interests approved by the United States.
These unilateral actions of the United States are illegal upon all humans of all countries. The United Nations must endeavour to reverse these actions and begin a process of engaging the people of the world on this issue. The moral human position against exporting the ecological crisis we have caused here on earth to our Grandmother Moon must rise out of the people and direct our political institutions once again.


We will expect to hear a position from the UN on this issue by the time we arrive in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 22, 2016.

Do act accordingly.
Skennen kowa.

Great Peace to you!

Stuart Myiow
Wolf Clan Representative
Mohawk Traditional Council
PO. Box 531, Kahnawake
Mohawk Territory



The International Council of the Grandmothers of the Moondance

Le Conseil International des Grand-mères de la Dance de la Lune

Consejo International de Abuelas de la Danza de Luna




August 19th 2016



We, the grandmothers of the International Council of the Grandmothers of the Moondance, understand that the United Nations, NASA, the EU and representatives from many countries will be meeting to discuss the colonization, industrialization and extraction of our grandmother Moon’s life force.

It is scientifically known that the moon affects the tides of the oceans of the earth and therefore the health of all life dependent on the waters of the world, as well as being directly related to the changing of seasons and the overall balance of life on earth. We are therefore diametrically opposed to any form of mineral abstraction or manipulations that could irreversibly affect the immediate future of our lives and for generations to come.


We are urgently asking that the United Nations reverse these actions as we are absolutely against any violation of our Grandmother moon.


Abuela Ma Luisa Soto

Kokum Francine Payer

Abuela Ana Celia Carmona

Kokum Susan Barnes