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Healing sessions

   Crystal healing

Crystal healing is a therapy that channels the powerful energies of crystals.  Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance that can restore balance to the energy system, enhancing your spiritual, mental & physical well-being.  Crystal healing can be used to help with many issues from insomnia to migraine, from depression to your biggest fear.

Stars sparkle in the darkness of the night

Crystal sparkle in the darkness of Mother Earth.

Although the body's final resting place is in the Earth,

The spirits are in the star nation

So Crystal must be the link with the spirits of our ancestors

Illness & disease indicate the presence of underlying imbalance & stress.  Physical symptoms may only be the final & visible stages of a problem that has remained hidden for many years. In crystal healing, the distinct bodies are seen as the focal point where many diverse languages of personal energy are located.

aromatouch technique, homeostatis, essential oil massage
Essential Oil application technique


Release from stress, toxic overload, pain management and total body and mind balancing while boosting your immune system.

Experience complete homeostasis

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Initial visit
Health check up

Contact me today for a wellness consultation this includes: health assessment recommendations towards a healthy lifestyle balancing your energy centers with essential oils


Please allow at least 2 hours for this session   


How to prepare for a session